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Facebook 人氣王一見鍾情大獎 網民按LIKE決定!

          誰的短片最令你對他/她一見鍾情?Sunshine Nation 2012的一個獎項「Facebook人氣王之一見鍾情大獎」得主由你決定!從即日起至8月10日晚上11:59,登入加拿大中文電台Facebook專頁,選取「Videos」,觀看Sunshine 8強的自我介紹短片,再在喜歡的短片按一下Like即完成投票。你的一個 Like = 一票!

          Like 加拿大中文電台的 Facebook 專頁更有機會獲得 Sunshine Nation 2012 決賽夜門券兩張!


          Whose self-introduction video gives you the best first impression? We ask YOU to decide who wins “Facebook First Impression Award“! From now till August 10th 11:59PM, like Fairchild Radio’s Facebook page, click on “Videos”, watch our finalists’ self-intro videos, and click “Like” on the one that most impresses you. Your “Like” = your vote!

          By liking Fairchild Radio’s Facebook page you also automatically enter the draw for a chance to win TWO tickets to Sunshine Nation 2012′s Finale!

          Voting has ended. Thanks everyone who participated!


          1. Like 加拿大中文電台的 Facebook 專頁: http://www.facebook.com/am1470fm961

          2. 在專頁的上方選取「Videos」方格,進入影片頁 (http://www.facebook.com/am1470fm961/videos)

          3. 觀看自我介紹短片,再在喜歡的選手影片按一下「Like」。你還可以留言鼓勵他/她哦!



            Voting Instructions:

          1. Like AM1470 FM96.1′s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/am1470fm961

          2. Click the “Videos” box near top of the page (http://www.facebook.com/am1470fm961/videos)

          3. Watch finalists’ self-intro videos, and click “LIKE” on the one that impresses you the most. Don’t forget to comment on the video to show your support!

          (Voting has ended. Thanks everyone who participated!)