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Sunshine 陽光明信片 #1 – #4

          上星期我們看過Sunshine Girlz清新亮麗的明信片,今天就讓我們看看4位帥哥速遞過來的postcard…

          緊記這個星期五(8月17日)11:59pm就是Sunshine Nation「facebook人氣王之愛‧分享大獎」的截止日期,記得到加拿大中文電台facebook網頁LIKE一下他們的留言以示支持!至於Sunshine Nation終極網上票選「Pepper Wireless Fido我最喜愛Sunshine大獎」正進行得如火如荼,投票將於8月22日截止,所有參與投票的聽眾都有機會贏取由Pepper Wireless Fido送出的智能手機。

          Last week we looked at the postcards made by our gorgeous Sunshine Girlz, today let’s take a look at the custom-made postcards sent by 4 handsome Sunshine Boyz.

          Don’t forget to like their comments on facebook before this Friday (Aug 17) as they are now competing for the second Sunshine Nation online award “facebook Love to Share Award”.  Your vote will make a difference! Click here for voting details.

          You can also get a chance to win fabulous prizes by voting for your favorite Sunshine Boyz & Girlz in the “Pepper Wireless Fido People’s Choice Award” . Click here for voting details.